The vision for the new Hot House attenuates former iterations of the business by building a hub for intercultural enterprise and high caliber artistic presentations.

The new HotHouse will be a multi-faceted cultural campus in Bronzeville, situated near Pershing and Michigan Avenues. The architecturally significant destination will incorporate sustainable regenerative community design principles. It will feature a variety of social enterprise initiatives including the presentation of high caliber globally-inspired performing arts events, community meeting spaces, a site for international intellectual exchange, artisanal food and beverage service, a kiosk featuring locally hand crafted items, and urban gardens. HotHouse will lease to allied and symbiotic tenants to ensure a robust progressive community maximizes use of the facilities. Adjacent to the "Bronzeville Trail" our outdoor programs will feature wellness and recreational programming and tie in to the overall plans for the area.

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Original Site
Floor Plans of the new HotHouse
3D Rendering for the new HotHouse
3D Rendering of new  HotHouse

Support Us.

  • Acquisition, construction, site improvements and buildout
  • Pre-facility planning
  • Architecture, real estate planning, licensing, permits, plans
  • Capacity Building / added staff and professional contractors
  • Environmental Studies
  • Applications for grants and federal, city and state support


The mix of complimentary programs will reflect the intrinsic social and community service mission that has been the hallmark of the award-winning HotHouse for more than three decades. By developing this high-profile site in partnership with experienced community developers and local stakeholders, HotHouse will be aligning with other catalytic economic developments in the area to create jobs, provide neighborhood security and stability, and anchor quality arts and educational programming in an underserved part of the city.