Lewis Herman - The Physics of Morals

A novel morality from Kants definition of good will by Lewis Herman

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The aim of this book is to present an ethical system that is the interaction of two ethical laws: Eleutherianism, a form of deontology, and Hermanism, a form of consequentialism. The critique of the principle of the will of Kantian deontology creates Eleutherianism. Hermanism is created as the metaphysics of intuition with seeds from the definition of the good will. It is a consequentialism that serves to be the judge morality while Eleutherianism serves as the guide. Eleutherian Hermanism is the two laws' implications and interactions. This is created with the knowledge of what is good from the Judge morality and what are our duties from the guide morality. The book is divided into three sections. The first is a summary and overview of Eleutherianism, Hermanism, and Eleutherian Hermanism. It seeks to provide a shallow understanding to allow for an easier read. The second is the metaphysics of Eleutherian Hermanism in detail. It seeks to form the basis by which Eleutherian Hermanism is developed. The third is the implications of the phenomena of good of Eleutherian Hermanism. This section is about insights from Eleutherian Hermanism and certain implications of the metaphysics.

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