HotHouse is hiring an Exhibition Coordinator

March 24, 2024

Hiring a Part-Time Exhibition Coordinator/ Manager and Registrar

Tricontinental ‘66 and Other Acts of Liberation

Executive Summary

Tricontinental ‘66 And Other Acts of Liberation is a multi-disciplinary exhibition produced by The Center for International Performance and Exhibition dba HotHouse. HotHouse is a non-profit arts and education organization celebrating its 36th year in Chicago. The intent of this project is to create a “provocation” examining acts of liberation from imperialism/s and colonialism/s and for self-determination and social, democratic connection through multiple avenues of creative expression from the revolutionary era of the 1960's and '70's to the present.

This exhibit’s core of historical artifacts first emerged at a time when many of the world's non-aligned movements and nations came together at the 1966 Tricontinental Conference in Havana, Cuba. “The Tricontinenal ‘66 and Other Acts of Liberation” is a collection of more than 70 original posters, copies of the Tricontinental journals, additional political ephemera reflecting the corollary emancipatory political campaigns in the US and elsewhere. It further includes a filmography and discography, and materials connecting today's social justice cultural expressions. The original curation was developed in consort with the Organization in Solidarity with the Peoples of Africa, Asia and Latin America (OSPAAAL), the Cuban institution that organized the 1966 conference and produced several decades of graphic materials –many of the materials in our collection were donated by Casa OSPAAAL before it ceased its operations in 2018.


HotHouse is seeking a responsible, experienced, and self-directed manager to secure exhibition opportunities and oversee the delivery and maintenance of the collection. The goal of the work is create a three-year exhibition schedule for the collection than earns a surplus revenue for the organization.

The position is a hybrid amalgamation of collections management and coordinator. The initial work involves organizing the collection, creating a menu of options for touring, preparing the marketing materials / prospectus, and securing rentals by marketing to likely users.

Secondarily, the manager will prepare and maintain the collection for touring. The duties will include: Assist in the planning, project development, and production of the exhibition program. In partnership with the Executive Director, the coordinator formulates and maintains exhibition production schedules, monitors related deadlines, schedules project meetings, develops and tracks budgets, and manages the planning and production process of exhibition related graphics and didactics.

- Creates or secure a collections management database systems for marketing, tracking and managing the collection including exhibitions, collections care, accessioning and deaccessioning, and (Gallery Systems Suite) maintenance.

- Responds to external and internal requests for collections information, providing digital access to information (e.g. images) and physical access as appropriate.

- Creating and processing loan/exhibition contracts.

- Condition checking, supervise packing, and couriering artwork. Coordinate transport for domestic and international transit.

- Track inventory in storage and collection

- Coordinates and oversees conservation treatment and object preparation work, as needed.

- Implements and oversees environmental monitoring programs, including temperature and humidity monitoring, integrated pest management, and storage and housekeeping.

- Processes new acquisitions; arranges packing and shipping; makes insurance arrangements and appropriate loan agreements; produces incoming receipts and condition reports; assigns and applies accession numbers; coordinates appropriate long term storage arrangements; creates and maintains TMS records; monitors copyright status of objects, including securing Non-Exclusive Use Licenses as needed.

- Manages collections photography, including taking high resolution photographs of objects and exhibitions or coordinating and supervising outside photographers. Links and maintains photographs in collection database systems.

-Coordinate special projects such as framing or photography.

- Responds to external and internal image requests, managing rights and reproduction as needed.

- Process and file invoices.

- Maintain small archive of press and ephemera related to our collection's activities.

- Assist with other related tasks, as needed when appropriate.


- Registration background and deep knowledge of registration best practiced related to collections care and management.

- Overseeing the general care, display, and storage of significant collections for works of art.

Technical Skills or Knowledge:

- Experience creating, maintaining, and managing records within the Gallery Systems Suite (The Museum System, eMuseum, and Media Studio) or similar.

Preferred Competencies:

- Work with others effectively to achieve objectives and meet deadlines.

- Strong written and oral communication and organizational skills.

- Strong attention to detail.

Working Conditions:

- Moves equipment weighing up to 25 pounds.

Application Documents:

- Resume/CV (required)

- Cover Letter (required)

- References Contact Information (3)(preferred)

Send us your application at

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