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Welcome to HotHouse


We are so glad you found us and are stopping by for a visit.


Behind the scenes we developing the NEW HOTHOUSE - a new permanent center for arts and culture. In the interim we are presenting compelling programs throughout the region.

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News and Updates

Our site is always being updated with new program content. Please check back often to find new postings. Thank you.


Film Screenings

            As part of the program Gracias a la Vida, The Rebel Spirit of Violeta Parra-

A historic tribute to Chile’s and the world’s beloved cultural icon; taking place in April and May 2015, HotHouse will screen classic films that otherwise provide historical context for the Violeta project. The films will be presented in advance of other activities related to the project, particularly the concerts at the Old Town School of Folk Music featuring Ilapu, Columbina Parra and Inti Illimani. The screenings will feature post-screening discussions with members of the Chilean and Argentinian exile community.


OLD AND NEW DREAMS our 2014 featured series

Akin to our previous programs: From the lion's point of view, an African Jubillee and WPA 2.0., a brand new deal, Old and New Dreams is our 2013-2014 program theme.

Old and New Dreams is intended to explore questions related to immigration, migrations, exiles and the transmutations of borders.  The title of the series is taken from an eponymously named series of jazz records by legendary artists who formed the nucleus of the seminal Ornette Coleman bands from the 1960’s. Don Cherry (one of the artists) is considered one of the intellectual fathers of “world music” and a pioneering and influential artist who experimented across disciplines and cultures. Our desire to develop a major retrospective of his work and our desire to also explore issues of immigration and migration through cultural expression resulted in devising a frame where we could look at multiple narratives through a prism of different genres and programs.



Upcoming Shows!

Friday Jul 17th 7:00 p.m.

Kinobe and Jaja