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Global Voices Series Double Bill. Carlos "Tato" Ayress and Son Monarcas

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Doors open at 4:00 p.m.
Event starts at 5:00 p.m. 
$20 in advance $20 at the door Price at the door:  $20.00

The Alhambra Palace Restaurant
1240 West Randolph Chicago, IL 60613
Click here for location info


FUNDRAISER / A portion of the proceeds will be donated to relief efforts in Mexico and Cuba

Sunday September 24, 5pm

Double Bill: Carlos (Tato) Ayress and Son Monarcas 

Carlos (Tato) Ayress is a Chilean born artist, poet and musician currently living in Cuba. Ayress and his family were exiled from Chile in 1977 after experiencing severe torture at the hands of the Pinochet regime. His compositions and visual art reflect this fundamental experience as well as his subsequent life in revolutionary Cuba.  In the 1970’s in Chile, Portugal, Spain and Argentina, many workers, trade unionists, students, intellectuals and leftists were brutally repressed. Nueva Cancion or the new song movement was one of the popular forms of protest that emerged against this fascist trend. When Salavdor Allende the new president-elect took the stage to greet cheering citizens, a banner above his head read, "You Can't Have a Revolution Without Songs. " It was a powerful statement about the role of music in social and political change. Carlos Ayress is part of this seminal epoch and pantheon of key nueva cancion musicians that includes Inti Illimani, Violetta Parra, Victor Jara, Mercedes Sosa, Silvio Rodriguez and many others.  Ayress is currently the Director of the Salvador Allende Memorial House, Havana. At this event at Alhambra, Ayress will be exhibiting a number of his paintings as well as performing a concert of his songs and poetry. This is Ayress’ first appearance in Chicago.


Son Monarcas is a Latin Folk Fusion Chicago-based ensemble led by Mercedes Inez Martinez & Irekani Ferreyra and comprised of musicians who are well-versed in the Afro-Mestizo genres of folk music from Latin America. They blend the traditional with the contemporary by creating original arrangements of "son" while retaining the foundation of the traditional style. Son Monarcas' original compositions include influences of Cumbia, Samba, Jazz and Experimental music in English and Spanish. Son Monarcas takes you on a musical migration, like that of the Monarch Butterfly, from the United States to far corners of Mexico and South America. Musicians appearing with Son Monacas include: Mercedes Inez Martinez:  accordion, guitar, jarana, voice and dancing zapateado (foot percussion),Irekani Ferreyra: Requinto Jarocho, Violin, Guitar, Voice, Sammie Torres: Congas, Bongos, Cajon, Percussion, Kitt Lyles: Bass,Bryan Pardo: Clarinet, Saxophone

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